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Updated on Aug 22, 2020. Posted on Dec 28, 2014

Watch This Boy's Reaction As He Gets A New Dog For Christmas

The young lad bursts into tears when he realises he's received a German Shepherd pup, a month after the family's 17-year-old dog had died.

YouTuber George O'Leary has posted this video of his younger brother Billy opening a special present on Christmas Day: a large box containing a dog.

The family was heart broken especially my little brother Billy. We told him that we could not get a big dog until the summer, but we all knew different!

"We had to keep this secret quiet until [our] new baby German Shepherd, Max, was old enough to take home."

When Billy sees the little dog Max, the lad bursts into tears.

George adds: "Getting [Max] on Christmas Day was perfect."

"He is a lovely and playful bundle of joy. He will be spoilt and well looked after."

Here's the full video.

View this video on YouTube

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