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These "Simpsons" Fans' Costumes Are Insanely Clever And Detailed

This will separate the true fans from the casual viewers. H/T Woo Hoo! Classic Simpsons Trivia Chicago.

Woo Hoo! Classic Simpsons Trivia is a group event that currently takes place in Chicago and Brooklyn in the US, and Toronto, Vancouver, and Hamilton in Canada.

The Chicago group held a Halloween costume contest (hosted by a guy dressed as Kirk Van Houten) in which it asked its 130–150 members to dress in homage to their favourite Simpsons character/trivia.

The brilliant results were even praised by The Simpsons cast member Hank Azaria.

@woohootriviaCHI That rocked! In a Kirk kind of way. Great job-- hilarious.

The contest winner: Bart's terrifying clown bed. Can't sleep, clown'll eat me.

"If you should die before you wake..."

Student babysitter Ashley Grant...with Gummi Venus stuck to her bum. Kudos.

A Stonecutter (No 54, to be precise).

Lyle Lanley.

Homer's bag of sugar, and the British guy who stole the sugar for his tea (and he'd do it again).


Kang and Kodos.

Homer's barbershop quartet, The Be Sharps, with Dr Dolittle (Chief Wiggum in disguise).

Man with nude photos of Whoopi Goldberg that nobody wants.

Luann Van Houten in her Jacuzzi suit.

President George H.W. Bush with rainbow wig.

Doctor Hillbilly and the Iron Yuppie! (Second place in the contest)

Crazy cat lady.

Duffman. Oh yeah!

Jebediah Springfield.

Lisa's terrible costume of the state of Florida, made by Homer in Marge's Gamblor-induced absence.

Smokey the Bear...with FUNCTIONING buttons.

The inanimate carbon rod. With medal.

And here's the rod on the cover of Time magazine.

Apu, pretending to be an American.

Homer with his makeshift Marge after the real Marge kicks him out. You will respect your new mother...kiiiiiiss her.

Uncle Moe (with accurate stink lines).

And finally...Roy.

You can see all the costumes here.

And here's snaps of the Chicago group's contest from last year.

Kudos, you guys. KUDOS.