These Guys Dressed As Cadbury Selection Box Bars For A Pub Crawl

    Suddenly your colourful festive sweater doesn't seem as impressive, does it? H/T: @twig84.

    Twitter user Dave Higgins, a writer with So Sue Me, posted this photo of 12 Dublin friends who all dressed as different bars from a Cadbury Christmas selection box for a pub crawl.

    So there's a bunch of Irish lads doing the 12 pubs today dressed a selection box!! Absolute genius!!!

    The lads were taking part in the traditional "12 pubs of Christmas", whereby you travel to 12 different bars to have a drink.

    Usually, revellers would wear some Santa hats or festive sweaters for the occasion.

    But now the game has well and truly been changed.

    I made all 12 costumes myself. It took about two weeks, and each costume took a couple of hours to make.

    Just want a normal life 😏 #12pubs #SelectionBox #Cadbury

    For the past eight years or so, the friends have gone all out for their 12 pubs jaunt.

    Last year, they went out dressed as a nativity scene.

    We tagged some pictures on Facebook and Twitter, but I didn't have my phone out with me, so I didn't realise there had been this huge reaction until I got home.
    Mine is hanging on by a thread. I think one costume might have been left in town. I don't know what costumes we'll do next Christmas. But I don't see us topping this.

    Cadbury Boys, we salute you.