Angela Lansbury Has The Perfect Reaction For Everything That Will Happen To You Today

    There is nothin' like this Dame. H/T: Lansbury Reactions.

    You don't need us to tell you that Dame Angela Lansbury is a legend that you should aspire to be like every moment of every day of your life.

    The woman is basically perfection, be it as a teapot...

    ...a lifestyle guru...

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    ...or, of course, as Jessica Fletcher in the greatest TV show ever made, Murder She Wrote.

    Now one glorious Twitter account has started compiling the best of Angela's facial expressions and reaction shots - and there's one for every possible thing that could occur in your everyday life.

    For your consideration:

    1. "When you get that Friday feeling"


    "When someone tells you that they make tea by putting the milk in first."

    3. "When you're walking down the street and someone shouts out 'Free Samples!'"


    When someone tries to tell you you're rubbish at your job even though you've won awards.


    When someone starts treating you like you’re their skivvy.

    6. "When someone thinks they're being smart by patronising you."


    When you're walking down the street and know you look damn fine.


    When your Mother rings you to tell you all the latest neighbourhood gossip from your hometown.

    9. "When you leave the hairdressers but you're still not sure about your new style."


    When you and bae have an in car argument but you can't be as harsh as you want to be because they're the one driving.

    11. "When a red turtle shell hits your car in Mario Kart."


    When you think you’re home alone and someone catches you dressing up.


    When you’re out shopping and spot something you bought a week ago for 30% off elsewhere.

    14. "When you're let in on a secret."


    When someone brings up an embarrassing moment from your childhood in conversation.

    16. "When you're round your friend's house and they catch you rummaging through their cupboards."

    17. "When you hear some amazingly scandalous gossip about your worst enemy."

    18. "When your best friend starts telling a story that you know isn't true."

    19. "When your friend reads out the harsh text their ex sent them whilst drunk."

    20. "When someone compliments your outfit and you act all modest, even though you spent hours perfecting it."

    21. "When your friend is telling you about their latest sexual antics."


    When you see someone you fancy getting off with someone else at a party.

    23. "When you're toasting your enemy's downfall."

    Check out more of Angela's priceless expressions here.