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    This Guy Caught A Fanged Spider With A Serious Rage Problem

    Britain, be on alert: The giant arachnids are here, but it's not clear yet whether they want to consume or enslave us.

    Last night, writer and journalist Damian Barr posted a very alarming picture on Twitter.

    I have never seen a bigger or angrier spider. What is it!? FANGS

    Barr's Twitter followers responded as any logical person would.

    @Damian_Barr time to move house again. Leave it to the spider.

    @Damian_Barr oh no....why are they so ugly?

    @Damian_Barr Crap! That's a big one!

    Except for one tough badass who couldn't see what all the fuss was about.

    Brave Maureen wasn't to be convinced otherwise.

    @mkirkwood74 it is wider than a brick

    Barr then posted this video of the spider.

    Here is the hideous spider LEAPING TO ATTACK ME WITH EVIL VENOM

    At which point, there was clearly only one solution left.

    @Damian_Barr time to get Sigourney Weaver on the phone

    20th Century Fox
    20th Century Fox

    Alas, Brighton-based Barr managed to release the fanged monstrosity.

    Worryingly, it's still alive out there. Somewhere.

    Still reeling from arachnid attack. It's been releAsed at the end of the Street. #boak

    Can any of us ever rest easily again?

    20th Century Fox

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