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    • dechendorjid

      Firstly Belle was not “KIDNAPPED” she willingly stayed in Beast’s castle in exchange for her father, who was jailed for trespassing, which is logical. AND Belle was one of the only Disney Princess that fell for an UGLY creature (bestiality is weird but ignore that for a second) She is the only one of the princesses that openly says that brains is better than brawn (Part when Guston tries to convince her to marry him, intro). And that looks isnt everything.
      Snow white cooked and cleaned because that was all she could do to earn her keep, to not feel the burden to the people who took in a scared lonely person and never questioned or threw her away and into the world where she wouldnt have survived, She basically tells us to learn to trust in people even when everything is against you.
      In the case of Tatina she works her a** off from the moment she realised her dreams she forgot what was important and that even though working hard is important and a good trait. A man comes and teaches her what it meant to love and live, to not only work. He basically taught her that there was more to her life.
      In case of Ariel who married the prince… i dont know that kinda freaked me out truthfully. he was only into her voice, and i think Ariel was more into the fact that he was a human and had feet than the prince himself…
      In case of Jasmine, she taught girls not to fall for money or titles, clearly seen when so many princes came for her hand. It was Aladdin who caught her eyes because not only was he the one who tried his best, yes at first he tried to use his “wealth” but as she got to know him he was more than just a rich prince, he was someone she could connect with. And if a guy ever tries so hard to catch your eyes he is well worth it. At the end she still marries the street rat.
      This was always what i thought, ever since i watched it back when i was 5 yrs. I only learnt good things from it, like being kind, helpful and believing in yourself.

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