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    These Modern Glitch-Synth Songs Will Sizzle Your Eardrums

    Some downright fun, kooky pop songs with a sharp, electro twist.

    "Systemagic" - Goldfrapp (2017)

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    Pure cold, hard pop synths and airy vocals still make a sing-along track, accompanies by a visually stunning, aesthetically stimulating video.

    "The Apple" - VV Brown (2013)

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    VV's second album brought her reinvented self-image, and the lead of the project was The Apple, a punchy, driven anthem on how NOT to be pushed over.

    "1973" - Beth Orton (2016)

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    A charming, nostalgic throwback to her younger days is bolstered by layered synths and drum machines in Beth Orton's "1973" - with shimmery summer vibes.

    "Stay Together" - We Stay Together (2016)

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    A slick, churning reinvention for the notoriously boisterous indie band, We Stay Together is suited for a dance floor, with stacks of synths, electro effects, computer drums - and the voice of Xenomania's receptionist, Sarah Thompson.

    "Hang With Me" - Robyn (2010)

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    Though she's known for massive hits such as "Dancing On My Own", and released comeback track Missing U, Robyn's lesser-known single Hang With Me is just as gorgeous, lyrically intelligent and layered as her more widespread counterparts.

    "Build The Beat" - The Shadowboxers (2016)

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    This throwback to the likes of Michael Jackson, and 80's soul-pop in general is an upbeat, funky and glorious track that would fit in at any party, cowbells and trumpets all included.