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      Wonderful, amazing, fantasticly beautiful person and story.
      It gives me hope. In fact it gives me great hope.
      My barely 13 year old son wouldn’t even look at the incisions on his foot today - the first time it’s been uncasted since his foot reconstruction surgery due to his Spina Bifida. (There’s that lovely never damage you mentioned.) He believes his scars are ugly. They have always been on his back until now, so acceptance has been more like avoidance. On his foot, he won’t be able to avoid them, so he’s discouraged. He said he doesn’t want Frankenstein feet.
      No amount of love, encouragement, or showing him how the scars on his back have faded and look great is helping.
      To me, the scars are beautiful - strange I know- but to me they are, as my Mom calls them, badges of honor or courage. Even more, they remind me that we are not all made “perfectly”, but we are all perfectly made. Do I wish he didn’t have to have surgeries- well, of course! That one’s a no-brainer.
      However, I pray that he can eventually see himself as I do. My son is the bravest, smartest, kindest, most sensitive, and most handsome and caring child young man. I hope that he, too, will react with this kind of love and awareness of his abilities as he grows. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story.

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