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How To Start Potty Training - Step By Step

Wondering how to potty train your baby within the shortest time possible? As a mother, your child will depend upon your guidance to use the toilet correctly when he grows up. You will even be a happier mother to see your child going for long without wetting their pants. In this post, we give you a general overview about 3 day potty training method. Read on to know which steps to follow in this endeavor.

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1. Day 1

Before you embark on this new endeavor, ensure you are consistent and devoted to giving your child the best attention. In fact, you will want to set aside one of your weekends or holidays for this training.

Once you are ready to begin, dress your baby in underwear and try to explain to him what you want to do. Let the child know why you are opting for potty training and not the diaper way. Make him understand or relate going to the potty when he wants to pee.

The next step involves introducing your child to liquids. Bath them with water in a basin from time to time after going to the potty. Place your child on the potty from time to time, preferably after every thirty minutes. You can keep them on the potty for some time even if they don’t want to potty. Consider repeating this process over and over on the first day.

2. Day 2

During day 2, repeat what you taught the child on the first day. Depending on his or her speed of learning, you may have to repeat the process over and over until your kid can ask you to take him to potty. However, do not get irritated if your child doesn’t learn quite faster because at time accidents can happen, so be sure to keep training until you can see results.

Here is where rewards can work. Congratulate your child when he potties correctly, for instance when they ask you to take them out to potty. However, do not give in to blackmail as some kids can be manipulative, dirtying themselves so you can place them back in the diapers.

3. Day 3

On your third day of training, take your kid out of the house, preferably not very far away from home. The general idea you are trying to make is that he or she needs to hold it on for a while as toilets aren’t always everywhere.

Next, teach the child to learn the importance of using the bathroom. Talk to your child from time to time and try to praise him or her for any little achievement. Avoid being harsh or impolite as kids do not respond to negative treatment.

To conclude, remember any training is a process that takes time and patience so consider sacrificing your comfort and commitments to take care of your kid. However, as your child grows, he will learn to use the potty and even the bathroom correctly.

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