Step-MOM to SASSY the PUG; a woman who now does EVERYTHING with a PUG; estate executor; cleaner-outer of 2muchstuffeverywhere; photographer; hiker; cabin-lover; gardener; birder; cook; wino; fly-fisher; sometime golfer, Mariner fan; proud/loving G...
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    • deborahbantad

      Love Smokey, but he has to stop saying “Only you.” After all, we all know of understory fires set by the US forest Service and others in the name of prevention that “got away” and birned thousands of acres of sacred forest because the crew neglected to watch it. Example: Wizard Fire in the Metolius Basin, Deschutes National Forest, Oregon. The rules have to apply to everyone. So watch your underburn fires 100%, Forest Service. Because when YOU set the fire, “ONLY YOU” can prevent a runaway forest fire.

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