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    • debbier10

      #37 makes me mad…this is so misleading. There ARE food and treats out there that are holistic/organic. While they are hard to find and some companies have ruined the labeling concept…they do exist and you will usually have to pay more for such treats/food. Ihave never trusted AAFCO as they are more about the almighty dollar than our pets. Heck, even the FDA hasareport out that shows where it is allowable for dog/cat food companies to use euthanized dogs/cats, down cows, slaughtered horses and so on in the pet food. It is labeled under animal by products. Not all pet food companies do this, but the larger, less expensive ones do as it isacheap source of protein in the food. That is whyItalk to all the the companies thatIsell beforeIput their food on my shelves and there is NO animal by products in anything thatIcarry or anything thatIwould ever feed… AAFCO is also the same that approves all this made in China crap that has been killing/sickening pets for the past few years. Ihate these “shopping cards” when they are meaningless!

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