Debbie Deboo
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  • Why Won’t You Hear Me?

    Series of images inspired by my friends experiences of mental health services in Northern Ireland. The experiences have left her feeling voiceless, silenced and frustrated and angry.

  • Chronically Fabulous Singers Launch Single

    Chronically Fabulous is a charity project that offers free makeovers and photoshoots to those with chronic illness or disability. They’re just about to release a single, “Chronically Fabulous Tonight”, written by Anna Murphy who had one of those makeovers, and which was inspired by a poem by Debbie Deboo, one of the co-founders of Chronically Fabulous (Felicity McKee being the other) . Tracy McConnell, who has Klippel-Feil Syndrome shares vocal duties, backed up a choir comprising supporters of Chronically Fabulous and others who have benefitted from those photoshoots. They call themselves The Fabronics

  • Chronically Fabulous!

    Felicity McKee (Ms Ulster and Ms Queens University Belfast) who suffers from several chronic conditions has got together with photographer Debbie Deboo who suffers from the debilitating illness M.E. to photograph men and women mainly in Northern Ireland, but already there has been international interest with chronic illnesses/disabilites in a body positive way. Our mantra is, if you look good, you feel good. We want people to express themselves on the photographs in any way that makes them feel good and have a fabulous result at the end. These particular photos were inspired by Felicity’s frequent hospital admissions.

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