14 Things That Happened During Every 90s Desi Kid's Birthday Party

    Remember "return gifts"?

    1. Remember the piñatas stuffed with candy and stationery?

    2. And eagerly waiting for "cold drinks" to be served?

    3. And playing musical chairs?

    4. Remember eating out of paper plates?

    A quiche with ketchup served on a paper plate

    5. Eating samosas?

    6. And chips!

    7. There was no greater joy than relishing a homemade menu.

    8. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about the traditional Black Forest Cake.

    A black forest cake

    9. The excitement of getting "return gifts" was honestly, unparalleled.

    A gift box tied with a ribbon

    10. Do you remember the party horns?

    11. And the birthday crown?

    A dog wearing a crown with happy birthday written on it

    12. And the good-old analog camera?

    An analog camera placed on a mat

    13. Remember playing hide-and-seek?

    Kids playing hide-and-seek

    14. And the quintessential gift opening ceremony?

    A son sitting on his father's lap and unwrapping his birthday gift