13 Things We Miss About Our Childhood That We Really Wouldn't Mind Going Back To

    Writing this piece may or may not have made me cry.

    1. There was no need for constant connectivity.

    2. You could dedicate yourself to your passion for hours, without worrying about its commercial value.

    3. There was zero pressure to make your vacations Instagram-worthy.

    4. Remember Bollywood and its Shah Rukh Khan era?

    5. When our routines included both (home)work and rest.

    6. Getting haircuts that would cost 20 rupees!

    7. When your attention span was longer than that of a goldfish.

    8. When our lives were free from Zoom-and-doom.

    9. When doomscrolling, the anarchic Pied Piper, was yet to make an appearance.

    10. When emails used to be…umm...fun.

    11. Old Cartoon Network and Pogo!

    12. When you could just cry whenever you wanted to.

    "I want to cry. All the time" #Fleabag understands 90% of us. #PhoebeWallerBridge

    Twitter: @MultiGayShipper

    Once upon a forgotten time, when you felt like crying, you could just cry without having to worry about your next meeting. And when things went south, you were allowed to fall apart instead of having to feign a cheery voice befitting a cereal advertisement. In the adult world of the miserable and the lonely, not having to schedule a breakdown for a more convenient time is indeed a privilege.

    13. When you were a ten-year-old and still hopeful about adulthood.

    PS: Apologies for sounding extremely cynical about adulthood...but trust me, it can be fun too (albeit, only sometimes!) Like, remember the time you got to pick the colour of your bed sheet?? I mean, it's okay if you cried later for having to pay for it all by yourself...but can we just focus on the colour-picking part for now?