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13 "Dear White People" GIFs That Sum Up Being A College Student

College is an experience. Few understand that more than the Season 2 cast of Dear White People, streaming Friday, May 4, on Netflix.

1. When you snag an A on the first paper of the semester.

2. When your professor spent all semester reminding you of your school's online resources and you finally look them up the night before the final.

3. When your roommate streams a three-hour film with absolutely zero headphones on.

4. Anytime someone suggests leaving the library during finals week.

5. When the professor announces an exam two days after the midterm.

6. When you haven't cleaned your room in an actual semester and the RA announces a surprise dorm inspection.

7. When your professor schedules class on a Saturday.

8. Attempting to go to a party on a school night.

9. Showing up to the library at 9 p.m. during finals week with a full crew, looking to snag the best study table.

10. When you totally just left the homework assignment due today "back at your dorm."

11. The worst thing a professor could ever say to you:

12. Taking a hot second to consider whether or not to do the extra-credit assignment when you already have an A- in the class.

13. When class participation, homework, and papers make up 5% of your overall grade and the final is 95%.

All images courtesy of Netflix

Dear White People has college drama covered. Tune in to all of it (and more!) when Season 2 begins streaming Friday, May 4.

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