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23 Times JB Hi-Fi Took It Way, Way Too Far

JB, you've done it again!

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1. When they were honest about the cost of living in Sydney...

Ibrahhhhh / Via

2. ... and even more honest about the perils of being a student.

3. When they were blunt about the film plot.

4. When they were all of us pronouncing this name:

5. When they revealed some harsh truths...

6. ... and delivered some with a sick burn.

7. When they knew what mums really wanted.

8. When they didn't bother polishing a turd.

9. When they provided the hard facts.

10. When they knew how to fix a problem.

11. When their summaries of video games were a matter of interpretation...

Mandic / Via

12. ... and their TV reviews weren't holding back any punches.

13. When they got to the point.

14. When they kindly flagged spoilers.

15. When they knew the popularity of their products...

16. ... and identified the stinkers.

17. When they nailed expectation v reality.

18. When the reviewer's review was on ~brand~.

19. When their signs made you look twice.

20. When their dad jokes were on point.

21. When their puns were A+.

Imgur / Via

22. When they knew how to execute the perfect movie quote.

23. And when, at the end of the day... they just couldn't be fucked.