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    Posted on 30 Jan 2015

    35 Times You've Apologised When You Didn't Need To

    Sorry, not sorry.

    1) When someone bumps into YOU.

    2) When the store assistant has to go out back to get an item not stocked on the shelf.

    3) When your roommate comes home and you're watching a show they don't like.

    4) When you ask the waitstaff for the water they've forgotten... twice already.

    5) When you pay for a coffee with a large note.

    6) When you're new to a job and you ask for help.

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    7) When somebody interrupts you in the middle of a conversation.

    8) When your friend says they didn't like the movie you recommended.

    9) Not being home when your housemate locks themselves out.

    10) When the webpage you're trying to show someone isn't loading.

    11) Not replying to a text or email straight away because you were in a meeting.

    12) When your car is messy and you offer someone a lift. YOUR car.

    Marvel Studios / Via

    13) When you're legitimately sick and you can't come into work.

    14) Cancelling plans with enough notice.

    15) Asking a question.

    16) Having to go to the toilet half-way through a movie.

    17) Missing the punch line of a joke.

    18) When guests show up early and you're not ready.

    E4 / Via

    19) When friends from overseas are visiting and it's raining.

    20) When you haven't seen the TV show everyone is talking about.

    21) When someone asks you for directions and you're not from that part of town.

    22) When someone is blocking YOUR way.

    23) When you sneeze.

    24) When you ask to look at the menu again.

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    25) When you have to walk through the only thoroughfare and it's being mopped.

    26) Paying in coins.

    27) When telemarketers call you at an inconvenient time and you have to go.

    28) When you've had enough to drink and want to call it a night.

    29) When you've finished using an ATM, you turn around and someone's waiting.

    30) When you ask for a fork because you can't use chopsticks.

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    31) When you go back for seconds.

    32) Returning an item that's faulty.

    33) Paying the cab driver by card instead of cash.

    34) When you come back from a coffee run to find more people have arrived in the office.

    35) Apologising too much.

    So the next time you're about to say sorry, pause and ask yourself... "Am I really?"

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