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    This Baby Seal With Huge Eyes Will Ruin You

    These pictures get our seal of approval.

    Have you ever seen a seal take a selfie like this... and with their eyebrows so on point?

    Inger Vandyke / Caters News Agency

    This is actually the moment a cheeky elephant seal pup posed only 30 centimetres away from photographer Inger Vandyke and her camera.

    Vandyke took the picture on Sandy Beach, Macquarie Island - one of Australias Sub-Antarctic territories. It was her first encounter with an elephant seal.

    Richard Baxter / Caters News

    "Prior to that I had experienced many trips with fur seals so initially I was a little frightened when that elephant seal approached me. I soon learned they are harmless though and that the selfie seal was probably curious and just wanting to get warm by being close to me", Vandyke told BuzzFeed News.

    "When this baby seal approached me my initial fear wore off really quickly when the guide standing nearby said he was ok. The seal then gently nudged me like a cat wanting affection. It was an incredible encounter and one that I never wanted to end."

    Merrilyn Browne / CATERS NEWS

    Elephant seals are the world’s largest and deepest diving seals. They have huge eyes to help them see in depths of 1500 metres or more in the ocean when they dive to hunt for food. "Their eyes make them appear adorable", Vandyke says.

    Inger Vandyke / Caters News Agency

    We couldn't agree more <3

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