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    This Video Of A Dog And A Pig Playing Will Make Your Heart Explode

    Babe irl.

    Meet Herby the piglet and Murphy, the red kelpie cross cattle dog - they are the best of friends. <3

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    This video of the two of them was uploaded by Kirsten Drysdale who told BuzzFeed that Herby belongs to her sister, Bridget. "She's been begging her husband for four years for a pet pig... they got married 3 weeks ago and he finally caved in and bought it for her as a surprise belated wedding present." Kirsten says Herby immediately bonded with Murphy.

    Murphy and Herby live on a farm in North Queensland. "It's perfect, as they both have plenty of room to roam around and grow up together", says Kirsten.

    Not gonna lie, we want to live on that farm and play with Murphy and Herby ALL DAY.

    Our hearts just exploded. RIP us.

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