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Sydney Was Covered In Some Early Morning Fog And It Was Beautiful

You had to be up pretty early to witness it.

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Sydneysiders woke to a thick blanket of fog that rolled in in the early hours of this morning.

The city's landmarks were shrouded in the low lying cloud.

The Bureau of Meterology told BuzzFeed News that high humidity late last night in the west mixed with light winds pushing east resulted in the heavy fog over the Sydney basin.

Harbour bridge in Sydney #foghorns #sydneyfog #morning

Humidity levels at Badgery's Creek were above 90% between 10pm - 12.30am.

Visibility at Sydney Airport was down to 300 meters at 5am this morning but began lifting quickly as dawn broke. No delays were recorded.

Most of the fog had cleared by 6am, resulting in a blue sky day.

Shine bright like a diamond Sydney!