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    1700 Students Performed A Maori War Dance For Their Late Teacher And It's Incredibly Moving

    Right in the feels.

    Last week, students from Palmerston North Boys High School in New Zealand performed a very moving Haka in honour of their late teacher Mr Dawson Tamatea, who died in his sleep last week, aged 55.

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    As the hearse carrying Mr Tamatea's body entered the school grounds, the 1700 students broke into the traditional Maori war dance.

    Mr Tamatea, a P.E. and mathematics teacher, had been at the school for nearly 30 years. Headmaster, David Bovey told BuzzFeed that the moment the boys began to perform was "spine-tingling".

    "Dawson had a fantastic relationship with the boys and the staff at the school", Mr Bovey said. "He will leave a huge hole here".

    To prove just how much Mr Tamatea meant to people, some of his former students (the ones not in uniform at the front) also took part in this emotional and powerful performance.

    R.I.P. Mr Tamatea.

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