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    Posted on 17 Mar 2015

    A Volcanic Eruption In Japan Has Caused A Rare Lightning Display

    Rarely seen phenomenon caught on video.

    Incredible footage of volcanic lightning has been captured on camera in Japan.

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    The rare phenomenon was filmed at the highly active Sakurajima volcano on the Japanese island of Kyushu earlier this month.

    Marc Szeglat / Via Barcroft Media

    The footage was captured by German filmmaker Marc Szeglat, who has climbed over 40 volcanoes in his career and specialises in shooting their eruptions.

    Marc Szeglat / Via Barcroft Media

    Sakurajima has been erupting since 1955 and remains a constant threat to the city of Kagoshima and its 600,000 residents.

    Marc Szeglat / Via Barcroft Media

    Volcanic lightning usually occurs during dangerously large eruptions, so Szeglat was lucky to capture it.

    Marc Szeglat / Via Barcroft Media /Landov

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