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    23 Times Nigella Lawson Was The Queen Of "MasterChef" Australia

    Can she be on every episode please?

    1. When she entered the MasterChef kitchen like royalty.

    2. When she was me talking to Pizza Hut on the phone.

    3. When she was all of us arriving at a buffet.

    4. When she could spot ~good~ fashion.

    5. When she was relatable AF about portion size.

    6. When she was us at every social gathering.

    7. When she made talking about food sound like poetry.

    8. When she admonished George.

    9. When she reminded us all exactly who she was.

    10. When she had this to say about her own recipe.

    11. When she was freaking out more than the contestants in the pressure cook.

    12. Seriously though.

    13. When she was almost as excited as the contestants when the pressure test was over.

    14. When she used the same excuse we've always given to our mums.

    15. When she even made this sentence sound sensual.

    16. When she somehow looked flawless in the middle of the night.

    17. When she suddenly got worried at the notion of anything low-fat.

    18. When she was basically all of us talking about cookies.

    19. When she knew the only way to improve a dish.

    20. When she stepped out into the sunlight, channeling those Rose vibes.

    21. When she had no time for hugging peasants.

    22. When she left them with a parting gift, probably the world's most delicious pavlova.

    23. And when she clapped herself off.