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17 Pictures Of The Gorgeous Sunset That Turned Sydney's Sky Pink

Prettier in pink.

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1. ICYMI Sydney just had a beautiful sunset.

Instagram: @libbyarm

3. ... but for a brief period, the sky turned a soft pink.

Instagram: @freddy374

4. Igniting the sky from all angles.

Instagram: @iamjazzy21

5. How magnificent is the Coathanger against that sky?

Instagram: @lisapagotto_

6. Even better is the Opera House. 😍

Instagram: @everything_zed

7. It didn't look real in some photos.

Instagram: @brettp31

8. You'd swear this was an oil painting.

Instagram: @corinneszaboparker

9. As the sun crept below the horizon, the sky got even more dramatic.

14. If there is one thing Sydney knows how to do...

Instagram: @channel9

16. And if there's one thing Sydneysiders know how to do...

Instagram: @clemengersydney