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19 Things You'll Only Get If You Grew Up On Sydney's North Shore

Sometimes we're made to feel like outcasts.

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1. Your eastern suburbs friends joke they need a passport to visit you.

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2. No one has heard of the suburbs you live in, so you reference everything as "Close to North Sydney" or "near Hornsby".

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3. You've owned a pair of boat shoes or sported a Country Road bag at some point.

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4. You've had debates whether you're classed as "Upper North Shore" or "Lower North Shore".

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5. As a kid you waited impatiently for the North Shore Times to publish your Under 13s cricket or netball results.

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6. You've been late to an event because you forgot there was goddamn trackwork on the North Shore Line.

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7. The northern beaches are the only ones in Sydney you swim at.

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8. Military Road and Mona Vale Road are the fucking worst.

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9. You class Ryde as the western suburbs.


10. You can never get a park at Balmoral Beach...

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11. ... so you end up blowing ALL your money parking in the paid area.


12. Pre-drinks before a night out in the city are NEVER at your place.

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13. You had a sense of pride when you received your Greenwood Hotel membership.


14. Messy nights usually end at The Crowie...

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15. ...before detouring to Cremorne Macca's.

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16. You've spent Christmas Eves at either the Greengate in Killara or The Oaks in Neutral Bay.

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17. It was devastating the day Cabana Bar closed down.


18. At least one Aussie celebrity has attended the high school you went to.

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19. And you've never had a reason to visit the Shire, because what even is it?

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