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Guys, It's Time To Talk About Susan's Epic Slap On "Neighbours"

The slap that stopped a nation.

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So how did we get here? OK well, several months before this Karl had fallen for his receptionist Sarah Beaumont, after the two shared a passionate kiss at Karl's surgery.

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This scene was part of the 1997 finale, and let me tell you I 👏🏻 WAS 👏🏻 FUCKING 👏🏻 SHOOK.

Fast forward to the morning of Phil and Ruth's (remember them? lol) wedding, when Susan found out about the affair from her son Billy. He was told by Toadie, who was living with Sarah and had become aware of her feelings for Karl. Are we following? Classic Ramsey Street tbh.

After the wedding Susan confronted Karl, who was forced to admit that he and Sarah had kissed, and whooo boy, did Susan let loose. And rightfully so, for that matter.

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I still, to this day, firmly believe that this is some of the best acting from Jackie Woodburne (aka Susan). I always find myself holding my breath at this very emotionally-driven moment. It's both heartbreaking and powerful. Yes, I'm serious.


Karl, the low-life cheater, tried to explain himself but Susan was having none of it. As she turned to walk away Karl pleaded with her... and that's when Susan let him have it.