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    Posted on 8 May 2017

    Hugh Jackman And Dafne Keen Accepting Their MTV Award Together Is Too Adorable

    Name a more iconic duo... I'll wait.

    Hugh Jackman and child actress Dafne Keen have just taken out the MTV Movie & TV Awards - Best Duo, for their roles in the 2017 blockbuster Logan.

    .@RealHughJackman x Dafne Keen take home Best Duo! 🎉🎉

    For those playing at home, Keen plays the mutant Laura (X-23) in the film, who displays identical characteristics to Logan (Jackman). FFS, just go see it!

    On stage, the two unleashed their inner Wolverine for the crowds...

    ... but not before Keen pulled up Jackman on hogging the microphone. "You do 17 years (as Wolverine), I don't speak for half of the movie, and you get to say the thank yous? OK, no."

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    She also had a go at him for not thanking his mum and dad in his speech. WHAT A LITTLE QUEEN.

    Jackman later posted a touching tribute to his co-star on Twitter.

    Best DUO ever! Love you Dafne. Thanks so much @MTV

    Honestly, can he just stop being the nicest human on the planet?

    Duo goals.

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