15 Pictures Of Jacaranda Trees That Will Make You Weak At The Knees

    Fifty shades of purple.

    1. You know it's spring in Australia when the colour purple starts exploding everywhere.

    2. People get stopped in their tracks, amazed by the sheer beauty.

    3. Sometimes jacarandas can be subtle, in the background...

    4. ...or they can be so profound you'd swear mother nature just vomitted purple.

    5. Jacarandas can brighten up a gloomy cityscape.

    6. They add a little more magic to an already beautiful harbour.

    7. How good does a driveway look after a light dusting of "spring snow".

    8. You get the full appreciation when you view jacarandas from the air.

    9. Have you ever seen anything more perfect?

    10. Ok, well maybe this perfectly shaped jacaranda tree.

    11. Purple streets are just so damn pretty.

    12. So this spring, look up...

    13. ...look down...

    14. ... and bask in their beauty.

    15. Because who doesn't love a little purple porn. 😉

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