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The Southern Lights Are Lighting The Shit Out Of The Night Sky In Australia

Leave the lights on plz.

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"There was an arc on the horizon, followed by beam or columns, like thousands of people shining torches towards the heavens. Towards the end of the show there was a glow with ruffling curtains of faint colour," Rebecca told BuzzFeed News.


Rebecca also managed to capture this time lapse of the spectacular show.

Facebook: video.php

“Skywatchers were the beneficiaries of a lucky coincidence in recent days,” Jonathan Nally, editor of space news web site, told BuzzFeed News.

Rebecca Potter / Via Facebook: JJM.Photography.1

“First, we had a period of new moon — when there’s little moonlight in the sky — plus the dark nights of mid- to late-winter. Together, it made for good, dark skies — perfect for picking out the faint glow of the Aurora Australis, which is actually quite faint most of the time.” said Nally. "Secondly, there had been some extra activity on the sun... Auroras are caused by charged particles flowing out from the sun and striking Earth’s upper atmosphere. The more solar activity, the more chance of seeing an Aurora.”

“Put it all together, and you had perfect conditions for aurora watching” Nally says. He added that we’re roughly at the peak of the solar activity cycle right now.

Of course social media also blew up, with many posting their own images across Twitter and Instagram. #NoFilter.

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