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This Guy Is Trying To Teach Americans How To Speak Australian

Master this and she'll be right.

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Kieran Murray has just made it a lot easier for those heading to the land down under, making a three-minute clip translating American words into Aussie slang.

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Kieran, who's been living in the States for the last eight months, told BuzzFeed he did it to help bridge the cultural divide between Australia and America. "It seems like every day I'll use some typical Aussie slang words and get nothing but blank stares. This video was just something I threw together to show how different our cultures are, and for a bit of a giggle too."

Kieran and his American mate Ariana shot the video in two takes, using words that they had been adding to a list for about a year.

"I wrote a funny anecdote with as many of these words as I could – like 'cutting grass'. I used super-Aussie slang words but tried to keep it as PG-rated as I could."

And the anecdote is by far the best bit about this video. Kieran nails the translation perfectly, proving that Aussie slang is just a lot more fun.