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    A Museum In Japan Is Serving Frog Burgers And It's Not A Joke

    Doesn't it just jump off the menu.

    A nature museum in South Tokyo has just added a rather different option to their cafe's menu. Introducing the "Frog Burger".

    Orbi Yokohama

    The burger is part of an entire "Frog Menu" launched by Orbi Yokohama to celebrate the opening of the museum's Deadly Poison Exhibition, featuring a variety of poisonous animals from around the world.

    The burger consists of a deep fried frog sandwiched between a charchoal black bun. But don't worry, unlike the exhibition's displays, this frog is non toxic.

    Orbi Yokohama

    If you're not hopping mad for the main, there is always “Frog Egg Sweet” for dessert. It features a jelly frog with almond jelly and basil seed sauce made to look like frog eggs.

    Orbi Yokohama

    Think we might just stick to the quarter pounder with cheese.

    A Band Apart / Jersey Films / Via

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