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    This Footage Of An Eagle And A Drone Going Head-To-Head Is Incredible

    NB: The eagle is ok.

    Drone hobbyist Adam Lancaster has uploaded footage of a two-metre Wedge-Tailed Eagle taking out his drone on the outskirts of Melbourne.

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    Adam told BuzzFeed News that he was flying the drone with his brother in the Melbourne suburb of Skye to see what the local area looked like. "We knew there were eagles around, but we hadn't seen any for a long time".

    "We first saw the eagle circle us, but it disappeared." Adam says. "Then it came back into our direction and the next minute it flew out of the tree and took me out."

    Adam says that his drone was damaged from the fall rather than the ambush and that the GoPro had popped out of its casing and was about three metres away. "We were excited because we knew we were going to have good footage".

    As for the eagle - it's totally fine. "There were no signs on the drone that the eagle had been hurt", says Adam. "It also kept circling about ten metres above us after the drone had crashed".

    Adam's advice for other drone pilots out there: "Treat eagles like you are supposed to treat aircraft. If you see them, LAND."

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