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17 Outdoor Activities That Instantly Mean It's Summer In Australia

Sun, sand, surf and slip 'n' slides!

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1. Backyard slip 'n' slides...

The more dish washing detergent, the better!

2. Getting stained for the sake of stuffing your face with mulberries...

Don't wear white!

3. ...and then collecting the mulberry leaves for the silkworms for school.

Do kids even do this anymore???

4. Endless water balloon fights with your mates...

The coloured rubber rings around the tap = iconic.

5. ...or soaking in a shell pool.

You were literally the ~coolest~ kid in town.

6. Dancing around the backyard sprinkler.

No water restrictions = best day eva.

7. Putting up a tent out the back and having friends stay over.


8. Collecting cicada shells.

It was also a sign that very soon you'd be woken at 7am by their intense singing.

9. Playing a game of beach cricket...

Nothing more Australian than this, tbh.

10. ...before feasting on an early dinner of fish and chips.

Sun, sand and salty fish 'n' chips. Heaven.

11. Eating a big slice of watermelon...

Followed by a game of "Who can spit the pips the furthest".

12. ...or getting messy with a mango.

Sticky hands and mango stuck in your teeth for hours. Worth it.

14. Finding the closest body of water to skim rocks across...

You were an ace if you could get into double digits.

15. ...and then if you were game enough, throwing yourself into the water!

Safety first!

16. Eating a chocolate paddle pop before it completely melts...

Watch out for those icecream headaches.

17. ...or chasing down a Mr Whippy van for a chocloate dipped icecream.

Remember being able to hear Greensleaves from three suburbs away?

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