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A Car In Canberra Was Hit By Lightning And Exploded Into Flames

No reports of injuries.

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A gas rupture and a lightning strike have caused a car to explode this morning in the Canberra suburb of O'Connor.

Steer clear of Dryandra St O'Connor. Car on fire. Fire brigade on it's way. #lightning? @666canberra

Firefighters were called to the incident on Dryandra Street just before 8.00am after a thunderstorm passed over the capital. The car was sitting above the gas rupture which was 70cm below ground.

Dryandra St O'Connor blocked by Ambulance and Fire Truck now. @666canberra

An exclusion zone of 10 houses in all directions was established while emergency services worked furiously to move the vehicle and try to extinguish the fire.

Water didn't do the trick. They have the foam out now on Dryandra St @666canberra

The fire was eventually put out and just after 11.00am the gas leak was isolated.

Taking some effort to put out! Police are here now too. Dryandra St near Wattle. #CBR @666Canberra #overandout

The car was destroyed and nearby bushes were scorched. There has been no reports of injuries. Gas contractors will remain on the scene to repair the rupture.

A car was struck by lightning in O'Connor this morning - the driver made a lucky escape @abcnewsCanberra


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