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    17 Incredible Pictures Of The Severe Storm That Just Battered Brisbane

    Perfect one day... end of the world, the next.

    1. A severe storm hit Brisbane this afternoon.

    Lightning strikes over Brisbane CBD #bnestorm

    2. It started rolling in just before 3.00pm, turning the city black.

    3. Very black.

    4. Like day becoming night, black.

    5. Huge lightning bolts lit up the sky...

    6. ...everywhere you looked...

    A bolt from the heavens strikes Mt Coot-tha, with rain, small hail and strong winds lashing Brisbane #bnestorm #9News

    7. ... there was a lot of lightning.

    8. Sometimes it was a little too close.

    9. Office workers had the best view of the storm's approach...

    10. ...and an even better view as it engulfed the CBD.

    11. The view from the water was also batshit insane.

    12. There was no hiding from it.

    13. This storm had Brisbane in its sights.

    14. Trying to flee the city? Think again.

    A BNE airside view. In case you are wondering, this weather will slow operations today #bnestorm

    15. The colour of the sky was alien at times.

    16. End of days.

    17. Maybe not ~that~ end of days.

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