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    Watch The Incredible Moment Two Men Save A Baby Wombat In South Australia

    Some quick thinking has given this joey a second chance. Warning: this post contains graphic imagery.

    Two Adelaide men have done the incredible and performed emergency surgery to save the life of a baby wombat after its mother was found dead.

    Twenty one-year-old Dmrenzo Kotze and his mate, 20-year-old Chris Dimasi saw a dead wombat lying in the middle of the road as they were driving through Blanchetown, outside of Adelaide, on Saturday.

    As they tried moving it to the side of the road and out of the way, they noticed something moving inside the wombat's pouch.

    Using a knife they agreed to get whatever was in there, out.

    What they found after the impromptu c-section, was a tiny joey, still very much alive!

    The Advertiser reports that the joey was handed over to Fauna Rescue Of South Australia where he is currently being cared for.

    Watch the full video of the baby's rescue here: (WARNING: Graphic imagery)

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