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These Pictures Of Baby Otters Are Just Too Cute

Forget the Apple Watch, we want a baby otter.

Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, NSW has unveiled the newest additions to their family: three baby Oriental small-clawed otters.

The litter consists of two females and a male.

The babies, who were all born in early January, had their first vaccination and health check on Friday and have started exploring the world a bit more.

"The pups have been in the den to date and we have been monitoring them via a video camera, to ensure they are growing and developing well," said Keeper Ian Anderson.

But enough about the otters, let's just look at these cute pictures of them, like this one...

And this one!



Keepers at Taronga Zoo will name two of the pups, but are asking the public for name suggestions for the third. You can give your suggestion via their Facebook page.