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23 Snacks All Aussie Kids Had In Their Lunchbox In The '90s

For the times you didn't have money for the canteen.

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1. Tiny Teddies

In a tiny bag! (also, chocolate FTW!)

3. Le Snak

There were NEVER enough biscuits!


4. Spacefood Sticks

What was the deal with caramel? It was the worst.

5. Juice Poppers

You could literally down it in one go.

7. Shapes

It was too hard to share with friends, cause there weren't enough in the bag tbh.


9. Cheese Stringers

Getting squashed at the bottom of your lunchbox since the '90s!

11. Yogo

Chocolate chips mixed with chocolate yoghurt. Winning!


14. Dunkaroos

The ratio of biscuits to chocolate sauce was never quite right!

15. Ovalteenies

"Lunchbox fun"


17. Yoplait Petit Miam

It's French for Yum!

18. Twisties

Life was pretty straight without Twisties.

19. Babybel Cheese

A whole piece of cheese? Yes please.


20. Jupiter Bars

Out of this world!

21. Snackabouts

Because Vegemite was not just a breakfast food.

23. Sesame Snaps

Don't break your teeth!