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    23 Snacks All Aussie Kids Had In Their Lunchbox In The '90s

    For the times you didn't have money for the canteen.

    1. Tiny Teddies

    2. Rollups

    Real fruit, flat out!

    3. Le Snak

    4. Spacefood Sticks

    5. Juice Poppers

    6. Mamee Noodles

    Sookie / Via Flickr: lovebuzz

    Dry, uncooked noodles were the best!

    7. Shapes

    8. Nutella

    Mark H. Anbinder / Via

    Nutella in individual packs, just because.

    9. Cheese Stringers

    10. Choc Chip Muesli Bars

    Chewy were better than crunchy. Fact.

    11. Yogo

    12. Burger Man

    It had "burger" in the title, so it seemed cool at the time.

    13. French Fries

    The closest you'd get to eating hot chips.

    14. Dunkaroos

    15. Ovalteenies

    16. Goghurt

    Mike Mozart / Via

    Frozen in the morning = perfect by lunchtime.

    17. Yoplait Petit Miam

    18. Twisties

    19. Babybel Cheese

    20. Jupiter Bars

    21. Snackabouts

    22. LCMs

    Looked plain. Tasted great.

    23. Sesame Snaps

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