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Rupaul's Drag Race Season 9 Episode 9 - Power Rankings

Serving Club Kid!

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This week, the queens wrote and starred in their own TV pilots, and then came down the runway in their club kid inspired couture. What ensued after however, is an event to talk about for the ages...

1) Shea CouleƩ


Team #Sashea for the win! Shea and Sasha truly bring out the best in each other, they have an undeniable chemistry that has resulted in two extremely deserving co-wins. At this point, the season is Shea's to lose. She is the most well-rounded queen on the show. Shea and Sasha working together really gets their creative juices flowing - their "blaxploitation" TV pilot was hilarious and played to their drag-lesbian lovers brand. Shea's runway this week was also a complete GAG. That deadpool/Leigh Bowery inspired mask was made with such a fine attention to detail. Yes, she might have worn another "bathing suit" underneath it but c'mon, THAT BITCH HOT GLUE GUNNED HER DAMN FACE. Truly a runway moment to remember forever.

Edit: 10

Challenge: 10

Storyline: 10

Besides killing the competition, there's something about Shea's edit that just screams WINNER. She is confident, prepared (*cough Valentina), and knows how to play to the camera. Her storyline with Nina will surely continue to play out in the coming episodes as well.

2) Sasha Velour

Coming through as a front-runner, Sasha has really come out of her shell over the past few episodes. Pre-season, many pegged her as the "fan-favorite artsy queen who got chopped around snatch game for failing to deliver in their comedy. Going against all expectations, Sasha has killed every comedy challenge that came her way. I'm still expecting Sasha to win another challenge, so she could have at least one solo win not associated with Shea.

Edit: 9

Challenge: 10

Storyline: 8

The major difference between Shea and Sasha at this moment is the edit that each of them are getting. Where Shea seems to have a much larger presence on the show, Sasha doesn't seem to be getting the so-called "winner's edit". I hope she continues to surprise in the next few episodes though. Who knows, with all these #Sashea co-wins, maybe Ru will finally have a double crowning in the end? It almost happened for Bianca and Adore, I can't see a better reason than now to have it.

3) Trinity Taylor


Trinity's performance on the race is such a roller-coaster. She's bottom of the pack one week, and then top the next. This week, had Sasha and Shea not had such flawless chemistry, Trinity would have definitely gotten that solo win. For a pageant girl having never done a club kid look, the bitch slayed both the runway and her performance as a sex-crazed nun.

Edit: 9

Challenge: 8

Storyline: 9

Trinity is pretty much a lock for top three. She's gained lots of fans since the beginning of the show, but I'm not sure Ru would crown a "pageant girl". I love Trinity and she's the biggest surprise to come out of this season, but there just isn't something exciting and fresh about Trinity and her drag, in my own opinion.

4) Peppermint


Pep continues her upward trajectory! Ever since that absolute slayage of a lip-sync against Cynthia, Peppermint has stepped her pussy up! She did well enough in the main challenge, but she's getting all the points for coming out this week LOOKING LIKE A GODDAM PEPPERMINT. One of the most gag-worthy runways in Rupaul's Drag Race her-story. Her journey on the show reminds me of Naomi's - predictable runways and fading into the background the first half of the show, gets sent to the bottom two, slays, and turns it the fuck around for the rest of the competition. That third spot in the top three could potentially go to Pep if she snatches another win.

Edit: 9

Challenge: 9

Storyline: 8

I think Pep is still most deserving as a Miss Congeniality however. Her edit is extremely positive, but it's definitely not a winner's edit. Unfortunately, she might no longer get that Miss Congeniality win because of this week's elimination...

5) Alexis Michelle


Another rough week for Alexis. I don't really have much to say about her. Her runway was not club kid, and when you're comparing it to the high caliber of everyone else's runway this week, she just doesn't measure up. Her performance in the main challenge was completely forgettable too. She probably could have been in the bottom, but there were two other queens that were completely unprepared who deserved it more.

Edit: 3

Challenge: 5

Storyline: 7

DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA. God Alexis is unbearable! But I love it. Every season needs a good villain and Alexis is bringing the goods. The only difference between her and past villains like Roxxxy is that Roxxxy kept on proving her talent. Her edit is horrible, cutting in shady rattlesnake noises to every joke she makes. However, a lot of the villainy comes from Alexis' own delusion. She has no chance at winning the crown, but she'll probably stick around for another episode or two just so we can keep on getting more drama from her.

6) Nina Bo'Nina Brown


The inner saboteur strikes again! Nina's self destructive tendencies are getting tiring and just plain sad to watch. Both her and Valentina came into this challenge completely unprepared, and their spot in the bottom two was deserved. Nina and Tina had a lot of potential, HAD THEY COME PREPARED. I just can't make any excuses for queens who come to a challenge and try to "wing it" - it just shows a lack of professionalism. Nina's runway this week fell sort of middle of the pack this week, her makeup was gorgeous (as always), but the rest was sort of half-assed.

Edit: 2

Challenge: 4

Storyline: 7

I think the judges were planning on tonight's episode being Nina's swan song, but we all saw what happened there. Nina started off on such a high, but she needs more confidence to truly destroy the competition. Next week is a makeover, so she might turn it the fuck out given her makeup skills, but if not, it's definitely going to be her last episode.

Eliminated - Valentina


Ladies and Hunty-men, #MaskGate2017 actually happened. Easily one of the most dramatic moments in drag race her-story, that mask will haunt Valentina forever. Reminiscent of Pearl's "is there something on my face" - it takes NERVE to talk back to Ru like that. Valentina is a fierce queen, and Ru is right, she had what it takes to make it to the top and potentially win the whole season. This week though, there's no excuse for Valentina. Ru really means it when he says "this is your last chance to impress me", if you fuck up, you're going home. To the fans, please do not send hate or death threats to Nina, or Ru, or any other queen - they are human beings and its a goddam TV show. Also, Valentina gave us an amazingly iconic moment, thrive in the drama of it all for a bit. It's drag, have a bit of fun and don't take it so seriously. For now, I hope Valentina knows she still has lots of love and support behind her, and hopefully we'll see her slay and BE MORE PREPARED for All Stars 3.

Alright kitty girls, we're getting down to the wire now, who do you have as your fave to win? Let me know in the comments!

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