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    31 Home Products From Walmart That Don’t Cost A Lot, But Are Loved By Reviewers

    If you're looking to spruce up your home, but are shopping on a budget, look no further. These finds have you covered.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A white comforter to make all of your minimalist dreams come true. It even comes in two other colors! It's also cleverly designed with tabs on all four corners to make sure your duvet cover always stays in place.

    a white comforter on the bed

    Promising review: "Very warm, soft, and comfortable. I love the fact that there are tabs on this comforter that allow me to attach my duvet securely. True queen size. Easy to wash and remains soft and fluffy after drying on low heat." —Walmart Reviewer

    Price: $34.99+ (originally $39.99+; available in sizes twin–Cal king and three colors)

    2. An 18-piece, non-stick cookware set to cover all of your bases in the kitchen. Their dishwasher-safe design makes cleaning up a breeze.

    a set of pots and pans on the kitchen counter

    Promising review: "Only had this set a few weeks, but so far these are great pans. I usually buy pans that cost three times this much, but they don't last long before the interior starts to peel. The price is so reasonable for everything in this set. Very satisfied with my purchase!" —Walmart Reviewer

    Price: $39.97 (available in two colors)

    3. A multipurpose bedside lamp with a port to charge your phone. Scrolling through Instagram in bed just got a whole lot easier.

    bedside lamp with phone charger

    Promising review: "If you are into simple and minimalistic decor, this is the perfect lamp for you! I ordered two and placed one on each nightstand. I removed all stickers to make the lamps look more expensive and installed smart bulbs for different moods. Simple, inexpensive, and great lamps!" —Erika

    Price: $17.97 (originally $19.99; available in two colors)

    4. Floor-length curtains, which will enhance your space and make your room feel much bigger. They're even insulated to keep the temperature regulated at all times!

    floor-length emerald curtains

    Promising review: "These curtains are really nice! I ordered the aqua, and it's a heavenly color. The fabric is softer than other thermal curtains I've had, which I like. The stitching is neat, and the fabric has a darker thread running through it, which is pretty. I hung them on silver rods with clear glass finials in the front guest room, which gets the blazing afternoon and evening sun and winter wind. I would not hesitate to order again." —Walmart Reviewer

    Price: $16.88 (available in six different colors)

    5. A compact vacuum that is perfect for cleaning up all types of messes and can easily be stored without taking up too much space. It weighs less than eight pounds and is completely bagless, so you'll always be able to tell when it needs to be emptied.

    Person vacuuming a dirty rug

    Promising review: "I purchased this for my adult daughter, who only has carpet in the bedroom of her apartment. It is super lightweight. It is very compact, so it does not take up much space. So far it has done a great job of easily and quickly picking up pet hair and dirt. A powerful little vacuum for small spaces." —Walmart Reviewer

    Price: $39.96 (also comes in purple)

    6. A pair of practical and aesthetically pleasing storage baskets — from books and blankets to clothing and toys, these baskets belong in any room in the house.

    storage baskets with blankets and books

    Promising review: "Absolutely love these! If you're looking for a farmhouse vibe for cheap, these are it! These arrived unfolded in perfect shape. Can't wait to add to my living room!" —Molly

    Price: $34.98

    7. A revolving spice rack to ensure that your countertop (or cabinet) never feels cluttered. You'll also get premium spices AND free spice refills for five years with your purchase!

    spice rack filled with spices on the kitchen counter

    Promising review: "Loveeee this! Looks so nice in my kitchen, and it's super convenient having all the spices easily accessible! Would definitely recommend, and definitely a great buy!" —Alexandria

    Price: $19.97

    8. A cold brew and iced coffee press for all of the coffee lovers out there. Not only will you have amazing, homemade coffee each morning, but you'll also be helping the environment by ditching those pesky paper filters. Now you'll never have to leave the house with a caffeine headache.

    coffee maker on counter

    Promising review: "I love cold brew iced coffee. Paid for itself in a few days of not going to the coffee chain. Easy to make. Just add coffee, fill with water, and put on lid. Set overnight in refrigerator, press, and pour. Makes about three large glasses." —David

    Price: $12.88+ (available in two colors)

    9. A sleek nightstand that comes in six different shades and will take your bedroom to the next level, while also giving you more bedside storage space.

    the two-shelf nightstand in black

    Promising review: "Great little nightstand for my son's room. Instructions are easy to understand and follow. Took less than 45 minutes for me to put together. The 'cam-lock' system makes it easy to piece together. Looks great and is good quality." —Jill

    Price: $39 (available in five colors)

    10. A 12-piece dinnerware set to make your cabinets and dinner table look fresh and sleek at all times. Ideal for gatherings of all sizes, this ceramic set is even dishwasher AND microwave safe!

    dinnerware set on table

    Promising review: "I purchased this set together with the expanded 40-piece dinnerware package to have service for 12. The set arrived well protected with no breakage. My family likes the clean modern lines, which complement the food being presented on them. The shape of the bowls cradle anything from salad and fresh fruit to hot soup. They make a beautiful presentation. The set is dishwasher and microwave safe and appears durable. Affordably priced, this is a winning purchase." —Jane

    Price: $21.47 (originally $30.40)

    11. A fabric steamer that will keep you looking sharp and your clothes wrinkle-free. Never leave the house in shambles again! This steamer is ideal for all of your quick and on-the-go fashion needs.

    steamer on the counter

    Promising review: "This steamer is so much easier to use than an iron. You can steam wrinkles out of a shirt while it's still on the hanger! No more dragging out the iron and ironing board. It doesn't take too long to heat up either. Plug in, get your item, and the steamer is ready to use. I love it!" —Walmart Reviewer

    Price: $17.88 (originally $19.99; also comes in black)

    12. A pair of memory foam pillows with cooling covers so you'll stay comfy all through the night. These pillows have the ability to be firm or soft, depending on your preference.

    two bamboo pillows

    Promising review: "Ordered these pillows once and loved them, so I ordered them two more times. These pillows are awesome! My girls were here when they were delivered, and they each took one and loved them just as much as we do." —Rhonda

    Price: $39.99 (originally $49.99)

    13. A bergamot-, patchouli-, and pomelo-scented two-wick spa candle to leave your house smelling heavenly. All five scents are made with a coconut wax blend. A subtle way to spruce up every room!

    candle lying flat on counter

    Promising review: "I am in love with this candle! The design is beautiful. It's made of a smoky, very sturdy glass. The lettering is elegant and goes great with the glass. It comes with an equally sturdy glass lid, making for easy storage. The smell is on another level." —Alyson

    Price: $9.87 (available in five scents)

    14. An expandable drawer organizer to keep things in check. No more tearing through utensils and silverware to find what you're looking for. It can even be used to organize your junk drawer!

    utensils separated in drawer organizer

    Promising review: "Love it! Fits my drawer perfectly and makes my silverware drawer look custom-made." —Walmart Reviewer

    Price: $17.47

    15. Storage shelving that's both practical and easy on the eyes. It's the ultimate way to show off your book collection, organize your kids' toys, or simply display your favorite decor items.

    the wooden bookcase

    Promising review: "Fantastic AND easy. These were the easiest shelves I have ever put together. They are certainly well made! I'm now looking around my house for where else I can put these shelves so I can order more!" —Jordan

    Price: $38.69 (originally $55.88)

    16. A set of food storage containers designed to make the stress of meal prep and leftovers a thing of the past. The 100% leak-proof design makes it simple to take your meals on the go!

    food containers displayed on kitchen counter

    Promising review: "Say no to thin, low-quality plastic storage containers! This is a lightweight yet sturdy container. Definitely something that will last long-term. Love the air vent for easy reheating. If you dropped this, that lid isn't going anywhere! I would be the fanatic who gets this in every size for my kitchen." —Walmart Reviewer

    Price: $19.98 (originally $22.98)

    17. A rolling hamper that makes moving laundry from room to room way more accessible. It also comes with a removable liner to make transporting your items more convenient.

    rolling laundry basket in closet

    Promising review: "This hamper is great! I was using ones before without wheels and just metal inserts to hold the hamper together. When I got this one, what a relief it was. It is sturdy and wheels so nicely, so I don't have to lift anything." —Walmart Reviewer

    Price: $48.65 

    18. A microwave oven with six quick-start options, because we all know the power of an effortless meal. Enhance your kitchen experience, and get ready to heat up all of the soup in sight.

    white microwave oven on counter

    Promising review: "I just got this microwave today, and I have to say that I absolutely love it. It is small enough to fit in the tiny space, but big enough to hold regular-size plates and bowls. I also love the color. It really pops out at me. Overall, great product, and I highly recommend." —Mary

    Price: $39.88+ (originally $49; available in two colors)

    19. A sheet set so cozy, you'll find it nearly impossible to get out of bed every morning. If you've ever wanted the feel of a hotel getaway at home, these are the sheets for you. The color options are endless!

    different colored sheets stacked on display

    Promising review: "These sheets are so awesome! I love them. They are crisp, yet smooth and comfortable. Nice tight weave. They are not see-through. I didn't sweat through the night. But the thing I love most is the wide elastic that goes ALL the way around the entire fitted sheet — not just in the four corners! Brilliant! And you get FOUR pillowcases! Love them." —Dawn

    Price: $44.88 (available in sizes full–king and 10 colors)

    20. A non-stick, six-piece baking set that will have you itching to make your favorite cakes, brownies, and muffins. The DuraGlide finish makes certain that all of your treats will bake evenly. Food Network, here you come!

    muffin tins on counter

    Promising review: "I am very satisfied with these pans. My older pans were much too big for my use since I now cook and bake for one. These pans are a joy to use and a snap to clean after using them. Very high quality at a very reasonable price." —Jerry

    Price: $18.30

    21. A KitchenAid food chopper to simplify the mess and make cooking much more enjoyable. With two speed controls (and a pulse option), you have the ability to prepare your foods to the consistency of your liking!

    food processor on display with food items

    Promising review: "I've had this food processor for only a month and can't believe how much I use it. I've owned two small processors over the years, but neither was as effective and easy to use as this KitchenAid. The size is perfect for pesto, other fresh herbs, garlic, peppers, tomatoes, and onions. Sauces are so easy — orange curry sauce, mushroom basil, satay sauce. Best purchase ever." —Walmart Reviewer

    Price: $47+ (available in 16 colors)

    22. A gorgeous plush throw pillow for enhancing the design of your bedroom or living room. Its unique design will have guests stopping in their tracks!

    beige throw pillow on couch

    Promising review: "Just love these pillows. Bought three for my large sectional couch. The ivory color was perfect to add brightness to my dark wine-colored leather sofa. Gives my back perfect support on the soft leather. I recommend to all!" —Nina

    Price: $15.87 (available in three colors)

    23. A roll of adhesive marble shelf liner to give your home a more contemporary feel. An iconic way to upgrade your cabinets, shelving, drawers, and tabletop surfaces.

    marble adhesive roll on kitchen counter with plant

    Promising review: "If you're thinking about it, don't think, just BUY IT. I call this 'business bliss.' It took my desk from plain Jane to glam baby IN MINUTES." —Walmart Reviewer

    Price: $5.48

    24. A fun hand and face towel set to spice up the room. Not only are they a great addition to your bathroom decor, but they're actually useful, too.

    bathroom towel set hanging on drying rack

    Promising review: "These navy makeup and hand towels are perfect. They are very soft, wash well, and better yet they allow you to wash off a full face of makeup without staining yet another towel. They also don't react to my skincare products, which have caused bleach-like stains on some of my other towels." —Shadaisy

    Price: $24.99 (originally $40.99)

    25. A simple, yet elegant hanging mirror that can be used in nearly any room in your home. Elevate your bathroom, hallway, or living room in seconds!

    mirror hanging above living room furniture

    Promising review: "This is a very good quality mirror for the price. It was exactly what I was looking for. The same size mirror was at least $50 more at another store. It has a very classy look in my formal living room." —Crystal

    Price: $48 (also available in white)

    26. A two-tier shoe rack with hidden storage space that will clean up your entryway or closet.

    shoe rack in hallway with multiple pairs of shoes

    Promising review: "I very much love this bench/shoe rack. The color is beautiful, and the finish on this item is glossy and lovely. It arrived on time, and I was able to put it together in about 15 minutes." —Walmart Reviewer

    Price: $40

    27. A ceramic planter that's perfect to display all of your plant babies. It doesn't hurt that it's also a total aesthetic vibe.

    the ceramic planter

    Promising review: "This planter was packaged perfectly and arrived with no damage. It has a drainage hole with a rubber stopper in the bottom. I planted a snake plant, and it looks awesome! So worth the price!" —Melissa

    Price: $32.72

    28. A space-saving over-the-door hook rack for optimizing your closet storage and making your staple pieces pop out effortlessly.

    over the door hooks with clothing items

    Promising review: "I love these hooks! The unit just popped over the door, so there was no installation. Having 10 hooks staggered like this makes it easy to hang multiple items." —Walmart Reviewer

    Price: $14.99

    29. A hanging paper towel holder that will help you save on counter space. It can be easily installed under your cabinets or even on the wall.

    paper towel hanging underneath kitchen cabinets

    Promising review: "Easy to install. Looks great, and easy to replace paper towels." —Walmart Reviewer

    Price: $12.54

    30. A three-tier shower caddy that's designed to keep all of your products in order and arranged just how you like them!

    shower caddy with shampoos, conditioners, and soap

    Promising review: "Very sturdy and practical, very simple assembly. Fast delivery and very reasonable price. Quick clip adjusters on each shelf. Love this thing." —Walmart Reviewer

    Price: $25.64 (was $29.99)

    31. And a bamboo wine rack, which will make reaching for that next bottle of wine more convenient than ever.

    wine rack stacked with bottles of wine

    Promising review: "I bought a similar one years ago, then bought this one as a gift. I loved it so much, I bought one for myself to match my new furniture. I love the design." —Walmart Reviewer

    Price: $23.85

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    Note: The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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