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    11 Weird Things Your Brain Does

    Your brain doesn't always seem to have your best interests at heart.

    1. It overrules your digestive system for no good reason.

    2. It hasn’t quite figured out how vehicles work yet.

    3. It sometimes “forgets” to switch on our motor control when we wake up.

    4. It assumes the world is fair when it clearly isn’t.

    5. It does what it's told far too easily.

    6. It doesn't know when it's being stupid.

    7. It edits memories to make us look better.

    8. It can't really do much with the sense of taste.

    9. Being angry makes it alarmingly optimistic.

    10. It thinks embarrassment is a genuine threat.

    11. It keeps seeing faces where there aren’t any.

    Dean Burnett's new book The Idiot Brain, is published by Guardian Faber and is available now.