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  • Space Invaders Invade Your Shower

    A deal just for the BuzzFeed community. Now when you’re done scrubbing the galaxy clean of alien threats, you can scrub yourself clean from that 6-hour gaming binge. You’ve already got the high score, so go hit the showers. Space can defend itself for a little while.

  • Tetris Soap!

    Bathtime just got a whole lot more Tetris-y. Tetris-esque? Tetris-tastic? Who knows. Anyway, click through for info on how you can get yours.

  • BuzzFeed Deals: DigitalSoaps

    BuzzFeed has brought this exclusive deal to its community for 1 day only. Now any geek can smell like their favorite gamer fuel with DigitalSoaps Mountain Dew-scented body wash. It’s even caffeinated, so your marathon Modern Warfare 2 match can go late into the night, and you’ll still smell great.

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