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10 Reasons Why Your Weave Isn't BOMB!

We all want bomb weave however, some of us just need a little guidance! No worries i'm here to help!

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1. Foundation isn't right! / Via

Okay so just like with a house if the foundation isn’t right everything else will be off. The same goes for a sew-in as well! If your braids are too loose or aren’t braided properly such as in a circle. The longevity of your sew-in will be limited and BABAYYY we want that hair to LAST so make sure the foundation is flawless!

2. Cut it! Cut it! / Via

Too many times we see women who buy bundles, get them installed and don’t think anything else of it! But in order for your hair to be laid and slayed the CUT has to be right as well! Light layers in the front and a well-cut bang will give your look the extra umph you’re looking for! So cut it! Cut it!

3. Products!

Garnier Fructis / Via

Taking care of your bundles will always be different from taking care of your natural hair! Our hair needs a lot of deep penetrating moisture however for your bundles that can actually weigh the hair down. So leave your extra products behind! Keep a good shampoo, conditioner and serum on hand and K.I.S.S! KEEP IT STUPID SIMPLE!

4. Get the right tools!

A MAJOR KEY when it comes to tools is a paddle brush! You may or may not use one on your natural hair. I know I didn’t so I had no idea to use this tool. This brush will make your life easier when it comes to detangling, styling and creating a smooth look.

5. Wrap it up!

Tami Roman / Via

Babygirl bundles does NOT mean you can live your life wild and free! You still need to wrap your hair at night to keep it looking nice and smooth. Whether you braid it, twist it or slick it back in a ponytail. Keep your silk scarf and bonnet on hand and use them. If you haven't tuned into #Bonnetchronicles Please do!

6. STOP buying cheap hair!

Instagram: @mbpurehair / Via Instagram: @mbpurehair

Okay so I know sometimes we may be on a tight budget, I mean we have ALL been there! However, the beauty supply store pack hair is NOT meant to last 2-3 months. So pleaseeee save your coin and invest in virgin hair so you can be poppin for 90 days and not 9!

7. Get a Closure!

Instagram: @yoyo_1975

OH LAWD! Please don't let this be you! If your hair is not healthy enough for leave out just get a closure. I know the transition may be a little scary but feel the fear and do it anyways! Just be sure to do your research and buy one of good quality and you'll be fine!

8. Take care of your leave out!

Instagram: @myfabuluxehair

If you do decide to have leave out be sure to blend, blend and BLEND some more! That's why it is important to have a texture of hair that matches your own so this process will be easier.

9. You get what you pay for! / Via

Amazing Hair starts with an Amazing Stylist! Of course we want to find deals and reasonable prices but always remember you get what you pay for! If you spend a good amount of money on hair be willing to spend a decent amount on a good stylist as well. Remember we want the hair to LAST!!

10. Pat your weave ladies! Pat! Pat!

Blackgirlmagic Animated GIF / Via

I'm sure we all know the song! However, the need to do this could be caused by neglecting your own hair underneath the sew-in. Never forget to wash your own hair as well. We never want to be the girl with the bomb bundles but their real hair is all broken off. Don't forget about YOUR hair!

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