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11 Actors Who Were Born For Their Roles

Sometimes casting is so perfect - it's as if these people were birthed for the sole purpose of portraying these characters. And sometimes, they cast Nicholas Cage. Either way, check out Dead Man Down, out March 8th.

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1. Noomi Rapace

You may have seen her in Prometheus, Sherlock Holmes, or the Swedish version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - but if you haven't, you're going to want to educate yourself on Noomi Rapace. See her insane battle for redemption in the upcoming movie, Dead Man Down - starring Noomi and Colin Farrell.

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2. Jim Carrey

We all know that Jim can play the wacky character well. We also know that he can do drama, too. But how do we remember him most fondly? Talking through his butt cheeks, obviously.

4. Will Ferrell

He redefined Saturday Night Live when he was a cast member, and he helped redefine comedy when he hit the big screen. You recognize his style in every character he plays, and yet it doesn't feel overplayed. He's found some rare comedic sweet spot, and he's riding it.

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6. Michael Cera

As an awkward yet lovable child on Arrested Development, he grew up to be, well, and awkward yet lovable adult. Watch him mumble and side-glance, and be happier for it.

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7. Meryl Streep


Meryl is a vessel. She's said it herself. And while her roles are extremely varied, she seems to have found a stride in portraying women who have actually existed. And, come on. It's goddamned Meryl.

8. Samuel L. Jackson

Almost couldn't fit all of Sam's like-roles in one frame. This guy has been in everything, and he's always either threatening the lives of enemies, protagonists, and/or snakes.

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11. Air Bud

This list doesn't have a winner, but if it did, it would be Air Bud. This dog can play Basketball, Football, Soccer, Baseball, and Volleyball. Probably more, too, but we have to assume that the franchise lose funding after Air Bud Spikes Back.

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