Posted on 31. Okt. 2016

    28 Memes that hit way too close to home for everyone from Germany

    You can say you to me. Via Germany pls.

    1. Feeling like the epitome of a grown-up:

    2. Gema away!

    3. Sending at least two messages to apologize before you arrive:

    4. Because there isn't just one "you":

    5. But there is this magical moment:

    6. Where ze hell are my Umlauts?!

    7. Eventually you'll simply give up and don't use commas at all.

    8. This feeling of emptiness inside. Almost like shopping for groceries and forgetting to bring the Pfandflaschen.

    9. Exactly!!

    10. Forget about towels on sun beds: This is what Germans really do when they leave the country:

    11. Because once you go bread, you never go back:

    12. Wow. Yes. The more you think about it, the more it makes sense.

    13. "Hi, how goes?"

    14. What did he just say?

    15. You know this is true when you grew up in a small town:

    16. This can't be right!

    17. Three-quarter-what?!

    18. Because deep inside you know: You will be judged.

    19. This is wrong. I want to go home. Now.

    20. You know … it's like yogurt. But it's also not like yogurt.

    21. There is always this one person:

    22. And this one:

    23. More bubbles!

    24. At least we finally got rid of Til Schweiger. I think. Did we? We did, right?

    25. What the hell is wrong with this Aldi-Logo?!

    26. It's like a game:

    27. Just call it "Sommermärchen":

    28. Zenk you!

    Noch mehr Memes findest du bei Germany pls.


    Die Foto-Credits der Memes wurden aktualisiert und verlinken jetzt Germany pls.

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