23 Pictures That'll Make You Laugh And Maybe Even Cry If German Is Your Second Language


    1. Learning those effing articles is the worst!

    2. It's like the whole damn language is out to troll you.

    3. No wonder you keep mixing things up all the time.

    4. It's really unfair that Germans just learn this stuff from day one.

    5. Your autocomplete starts looking like this.

    6. The most important rule for writing in German: Use twice the amount of commas you think you need.

    7. At some point you start getting a sense for this fella.

    8. Sure, some stereotypes about German are true. BUT …

    9. … it's just fascinating what this language can do with just one word.

    10. Look at this!! 😍

    11. It's incredible how logical it can be.

    12. Well ok … maybe a bit too logical from time to time.

    13. The tiniest mistake can lead to very awkward situations.

    14. Speaking German in public is super difficult. Germans are just too polite to let you do it.

    15. Fun fact: You can fuck things up simply by using the wrong intonation.

    16. Depending on what region you are in words can mean something completely different. 😱

    17. And there is always a matter of context.

    18. Seriously! WTF?

    19. Okay, now you are just making this up!

    20. German is incredibly versatile.

    21. Soon you'll understand the language beyond the language.

    22. And then they hit you off guard with this shit.

    23. But if you wrestle through all of this, things will be amazing!

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    This post was translated from German.