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16 Austrian Snacks The Rest Of The World Urgently Needs

Chocolate with more than 400 flavors!

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1. Kasnockn

Instagram: @_melanista_ / Via

Ever heard of Spätzle? No? Oh wow you are in for a treat! Spätzle are a very special kind of noodles. And Kasnockn are a very special kind of Spätzle. Panfried with cheese and onions. The best hangover food in the world. Trust me.

3. Kaiser-G’spritzter

Instagram: @rainer_d7000 / Via

You'd probably just call it a spritzer, but it's so much better than that. G'spritzter is white wine and sparkling mineral water. To get Kaiser-G'spritzter you just have to add some elderflower syrup. The perfect summer drink.


7. Gösser Radler

Instagram: @prinz_mona / Via

One of the weirdest quirks of Austria (and Germany) is mixing beer with sweet stuff. But once you tried Gösser's "Radler" you know exactly why it makes so much sense. Imagine sitting outside on a sunny afternoon and enjoying the freshness of beer and lemonade.


9. Topfenpalatschinken

Ok, Topfenpalatschinken is basically a pancake casserole served with a vanilla based sauce. Perfect for dessert or even better as main dish. 😍

10. Wiener Melange

Rüdiger Wölk / CC BY-SA 2.0 DE / / Via

The official description of Wiener Melange is "one espresso shot served in a large coffee cup topped with steamed milk and milk foam". But let's just call it a vienesse Flat White.


12. Sacher Cake

Illustratedjc / CC BY-SA 3.0 / / Via

Talking about Austrian food means talking about Sacher Torte. Dear Americans, forget German Chocolate Cake and embrace the pure perfection of super dense chocolate cake with thin layers of apricot jam!

13. Austrian biscuits

If you learn one thing from this post, it should be that Austrians know their baking. Austrian Cookies come in so many tastes and shapes. The little guys with the hearts are called "Linzer biscuits". They have a redcurrant jam filling and are based on one of Austria's most famous cakes, the Linzer Torte.

16. Almdudler

Instagram: @annimarini / Via

Say what you want Almdudler is the Austrian Coke. A sweet carbonated beverage made of herbal extracts. It complements savory as well as sweet food. And it get's even better when you mix it with beer as a Radler or with white wine as G'spritzter.