19 Genius Products From Germany The Rest Of The World Definitely Needs

    Nail-Painting-Sandals with toe spreaders.

    1. OMG! Thanks to these Nail-Painting-Sandals you can finally walk around while your painted nails are drying.

    2. A knife? Fuck that. This Banana Slicer is the most genius time saving invention of all time: One cut – 6 banana pieces.

    3. And with this Windscreen Wiper Blade Trimmer your wipers will never smudge your windshield again.

    4. You want to have a well-moisturized back? Check out the the Lotion Application Aid.

    5. This Counting Bottle Opener will help you, if you really want to drink -a few- beers.

    6. And every girl with a ponytail will appreciate this amazing Thermo-Hoodie-Running-Shirt.

    7. Or this safe Kiwi-To-Go Box. Because how else would you transport a kiwi?

    8. Or your cake without a Cake-to-Go Box.

    9. Glasses LED Reading Light – perfect for anyone who absolutely cannot wait until morning to finish their trashy romance novel.

    10. Too tired to ride your bike in the morning? You'll adore this Coffee Mug Holder.

    11. This Cherry Stoner will keep your fingers clean.

    12. This Butter Stamp will let you measure butter instantly. Genius!

    13. You will love this Display Cleaning Pen if your display is just one giant dirty fingerprint.

    14. The knot of your towel is always to loose? Use the Tchibo-Turban-Towel – trust me.

    15. And finally there's a pair of gardening shears just for ladies.

    16. How about this Citrus Sprayer for those times when you need really fresh lemon juice?

    17. And this Splatter Guard will always keep your kitchen clean.

    18. You are afraid of burglars? Not with this Door Jammer.

    19. And this Cherry Tomato Cutter will blow your fucking mind. Bam!

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