Posted on 22. März 2017

    24 "Funny Pictures" About Germany That Are Definitely Not Funny For Germans

    What's so funny about all these pictures?!

    1. Just a office cup.

    nivh_de / Via

    2. Just a legit German meal.

    3. Just German efficiency.

    4. Just a perfect example for "Ladungssicherheit". (Load safety)

    Velenor / Via

    5. Just a legit way to keep your trashcans dry from rain.

    6. Just a street name.

    annoyingcommentguy / Via

    7. Just a job title:

    8. Just a legit use of Oettinger beer boxes.

    willbirne / Via

    9. Just a citizen who's wants his deposit back.

    Hirschkaeferkind / Via

    10. Just a mandatory escape and rescue plan.

    11. Never seen Dickmilch before?

    12. Just a legit name for a town.

    13. Just a Christmas tree.

    14. Just German language at its best.

    portagul / Via

    15. This hurts.

    sirknittert / Via

    16. Just a legit company name.

    pointfive / Via

    17. Just a name for a town in Bavaria:

    18. Just a legit way to transport beer.

    19. Just a legit name for a nail studio.

    maceman87 / Via

    20. Just a legit warning if you're on winter tires.

    21. Just a legit name for a shop.

    22. Just a legit description.

    23. Just a legit longboard in Bavaria.

    24. And just a legit driving speed on the autobahn:

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