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19 Things Germany Can't Explain To The Rest Of The World

Sorry not sorry.

1. This chimney:

Barbara Bunčić / Via commons.wikimedia.org

2. And this...slightly offensive bus:

3. This honest election poster:


"Chances. Education. Beer." Okay...

4. This strange beer:

5. This ad for a squash court:

aharashidy / Via reddit.com

6. This street name:

annoyingcommentguy / Via imgur.com

7. This name for a nail salon:

maceman87 / Via reddit.com

8. This special offer:

9. This product:

indigoriver / Via imgur.com

10. And this product that you probably don't want to have anything to do with:

joeldistefano / Via instagram.com

11. This drink:


The upper text says: "Treat yourself!"

12. This inappropriate van and whoever "mucke" is:

doodz89 / Via imgur.com

13. This "word":

iamkimono / Via instagram.com

14. This shop that stays true to its name:

15. And of course this toilet paper:

whiskey_tearz / Via instagram.com

16. These games for kids:

KrypXern / Via reddit.com

17. The German field hockey team:

stuffed02 / Via reddit.com

18. This translation fail:

19. And this company, which obviously doesn't have a clue...

dilton7 / Via reddit.com

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